About Voi x you

A brilliant opportunity for the way forward

At Voi, we believe in doing things for the long run. In fact, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. No wonder we have a solid plan for each of our scooters when it’s time for them to leave their loose life on the streets.

By giving our discarded Voi scooters some serious tender love and care, they get new life. And that, in turn, provides you with an opportunity to make a really good choice – for yourself, the planet, and the city you live in. Because when you choose to buy and use one of our professionally refurbished scooters, you are not just doing yourself a favor, but also striking a blow for the environment, whilst at the same time contributing to less pollution and cleaner air for all your fellow urban dwellers.

Curious about how it’s done?

Let us tell you all about it! Each Voi x you scooter-to-be undergoes a rigorous process to ensure they meet the security standards that apply to all our scooters.


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