How Voi X You refurbishing is done

What do Voi X You do with every scooter before they are shipped out to customers?

We at Voi x You have a strong commitment to deliver our customers a e-scooter that meet every security standard and aspect that apply to our products. This include a multiple step refurbishing process, let's take a closer look at what we do.

How we put the x You in Voi

Voi x you - Refurbishing - What we check, update, replace and fix on our electric scooters before they are shipped to our customers
Your first thought might be "Wow! That's a lot of things to check!" Don't worry, our maintenance and technical teams are well equipped to fix and update most of potential issues we find during our refurbishing process.


In this step we make the first checks on the Voi x You scooter to be. What kind of approach do we need to take on this specific electric scooter. Repair, change parts or just a new dashboard? This include checking for visible damages and potential error codes form the software.

Easy fixes on e-scooters from Voi x You
Deeper technical issues or other challenges to fix on your Voi x you Scooter


All our used scooters go through this step before we can offer and sell it to our customers. Purpose of this area is to ensure that we repair and fix all scooters, even discard non fixable ones. Note that we remove and change parts that are not up to quality standards, damaged by water or have bad function due to oxidation.

Fun fact, our team members have more than 15 different tools when making sure that your e-scooter is ready for the streets.

  • Flat screwdriver x 2
  • Plier 45 degrees
  • Plier bottlenose
  • PH 1&2 Screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Side cutter
  • Hand wrench 1/4''
  • Tweezers
  • Drill bit 5 mm
  • Thread tap 6 mm
  • Drill
  • Different kind of bits
Tools we need to refurbish a Voi x You Scooter

Note that we also use our laptops and proper cables when flashing the firmware.


This station is pretty easy to explain. All Voi x You Scooters get a brand new dashboard. They are carefully removed, replaced and tested before we send your scooter to next station. 


Yes, all scooters get a brand new firmware. The firmware Voi uses when these scooters are active in public use have a few key differences then whats needed to be used when the Voi x You is updated and used as a consumer product. Update from our team includes


This station might be the most important one we have in our workflow. Here we have the final tests and verification that we have done a good job on your Voi x You electric scooter. We want our customer to both feel that they do a good environmental choice at the same time as we deliver a good quality magic ride for your everyday. We test ride and check every component and if we aren't happy, it's being reprocessed and fixed.

It's very important for us that we do a full test ride and verify function before you as our customer get your refurbished scooter!

Quality check on you Voi x You Electric e-scooter


We will always strive for perfection, note that these refurbished electric scooters that might have a few imperfections. But, they have been given a lot of love and attention to be ready for a second home - with you.