Having previously served a life as a shared electric scooter, each Voi x you scooter-to-be undergoes a rigorous process to ensure they meet the security standards that apply to all our scooters. Learn all about how it’s done below.

Voi Refurbishment - Diagnosis - The Initial Check
The initial check
As a first step, we make a complete inspection of the vehicle. This includes checking for visible damages to the exterior of the scooter, as well as potential software errors, or anything else that may not be working properly. What needs to be repaired, refurbed or replaced? Those are decisions we’re making at this station.

REPAIR Troubleshooting time Voi Refurbishment
Troubleshooting time
This is where the magic happens. Anything broken gets fixed, or replaced. Shabby parts get a decent new look. Errors in the software are corrected. However, not all scooters make it pass this station. Those which do not measure up to our high quality standards get discarded here for good.

Soon at your fingertips NEW DASHBOARD Voi Refurbishment
Soon at your fingertips
Here, all scooters get a brand new dashboard. The old one is carefully removed and prudently replaced with a new one that we thoroughly test before sending the scooter off to the next station.

A neat upgrade FIRMWARE UPDATE Voi Refurbishment
A neat upgrade
Yup, they all get new firmware installed, too. The firmware of the Voi scooters used by the public is namely slightly different from that of the Voi x you scooter you order online.
The firmware update includes:
* upgrade of the dashboard (BLE)
* upgrade of the “brain” of the engine (ECU)
* upgrade of the battery (BMS).

Quality Control Voi Refurbishment
Final inspection
The final step of the process, and perhaps also the most important one. At this station, all refurbished scooters go through strict quality control checks. We test ride each scooter and check every component to ensure we’ve done a proper job. At the slightest remark, a scooter goes right back into the process loop until it’s absolutely impeccable.

and voilà!
As good as new – almost. We always strive for perfection, and when it comes to safety, we are zealous. However, our refurbished scooters will always have a history and by the time it’s your turn to enjoy one, it might be graced with a few tiny superficial flaws. Perfectly imperfect, as we like to say. And absolutely ready to go monogamous – with you.
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